Monday, April 21, 2014

Name Branding and a Fresh Start

What's in a name???  
Apparently, a lot when we have such a large internet community of friends.  

In my blogging absence, I have maintained contact with the quilting world thru Instagram and I love it!  Snap a quick picture, type a quick caption and post it immediately.  In this time, I have made many new friendships, learned new techniques, regained my sanity from my home life and realized what direction my quilting is headed in.  I also realized how much I missed writing my blog.  So I am dusting it off, and branding myself as:


The following is a list of changes:

Blog name - thequiltingcats
My signature - Ann @thequiltingcats,
New email - 

Flickr and Instagram will remain the same - thequiltingcats

I have purchased the domain name -  - and  I just need to figure out how to migrate my blog over to it.

Now... for some sad blogging news.  When I opened up my blog about 90% of my photos were missing!!! I don't know what happened. Apparently it had something to do with Google+ and Google Backup and the fact I erased a lot of photos off my Samsung Note3 and they were all connected.   Grrr....
Therefore, I just erased all my old blogs. because without pictures they did not make sense. So in a sense... this really is a fresh start with new name branding, but same old me. :)

Finally, because we can't have a blog without pictures.... here is a couple of quilts I have worked on in the past few months.

lots of free motion quilting on my 1948 Singer,

a quilt for my receptionist,

 my String of Batiks, and

and Merlin is still my biggest quilthelper.

Happy Quilting!